-We only accept submissions that are previously unpublished.
-We do accept simultaneous submissions for all of our categories, including the contests.
-We are currently able to pay contributors $15 per 400 words, $15 per poem and image, and in contributor copies.
-If you agree to allow Ruminate to publish your work, we will receive first serial rights.
-Before submitting, we strongly recommend ordering a copy of the magazine in order to better understand the type of work we publish and to tailor your submission accordingly.
-Our response time is approximately 3-4 months.
-If you need to make a correction to a submission, such as removing your contact info or withdrawing a poem from a batch of poems submitted, please use the "Allow Edit Requests" function in Submittable.

Visit our website for info on our reading periods

Ruminate is excited to announce that we will now be accepting guest bloggers to post for the Ruminate blog on our website! Feel free to look at some posts here to get an idea of what we're looking for. Currently we are not paying our guest bloggers, however, you will receive a complimentary copy of one of Ruminate's back issues. 

Ruminate Blog Post Submission Guidelines

  • The Ruminate Blog publishes posts on topics including (but not limited to): 
  • Submissions are limited to 400-800 words
  • Please submit a 100 word or less bio (including relevant publications) to be published with your submission if accepted
  • Any facts/statistics/claims should be cited using MLA style
  • Any relevant or helpful links should be included in the body of your submission

Best Practices for Blogging

In our experience, blog posts that solve a problem, answer a question, or discuss a topical issue are the most successful. Web readers read differently on than print readers; web readers skim. There are a few best practices we’ve found to help web readers click on and stay engaged with your article.

  • Use a clear, unambiguous, engaging title. (E.g. How to Give Helpful Feedback to an Artist)
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Bold important sentences/text 
  • Use engaging headers
  • Short paragraphs (3-5 sentences max)
Ends on 5/15/2016$ 20.00
$ 20.00
We invite you to enter the 2016 Poetry Prize with final judge Alice Fulton. As with all our submissions, we highly recommend reading a copy of the magazine to better understand the type of poetry we are looking for. You can buy a PDF for $5. We recommend Issue 36, which features the winning poems from the 2015 Prize, Issue 33, which features the winning poems from the 2014 Prize, Issue 29, which features the winning poems from the 2013 Prize, or  Issue 25, which features the winning poems from the 2012 Prize. We also offer a discounted bundle of past print issues featuring the Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize.  

-The submission deadline is May 15, 2016.
-The entry fee is $20 (includes a copy of Ruminate).
-All submissions must be previously unpublished work.
-You may submit up to two poems per entry, no longer than 40 lines each.
-You may only upload one document, so please make sure to include both poems in the same document.
-$1500 and publication will be awarded to the winner. $200 and publication will be awarded to the second-place winner.
-All entries will be blind-judged by our panel of readers who will select fifteen poems as finalists.
-The finalist judge will review the fifteen finalist poems and select the first place and second place and honorable mention poems.
Close friends and students (current & former) of this year's judge, Alice Fulton, are not eligible to compete (we define student as someone who has taken one semester-long course or more with Alice Fulton; those who have only studied under the judge for week-long workshops and the like are still eligible). Friends or family of the Ruminate staff, past 1st-place winners of the Poetry Prize, and past judges of any of our prizes are also not eligible to compete.
-All submissions must be submitted via our online submission manager. We will not accept mail or email submissions.
-We do accept simultaneous submissions. However, please withdraw your entry or notify us immediately via the Submittable "note function" if a poem is accepted elsewhere.
-Please remove your name, bio, and any contact info from the file that you submit.
-All entrants will be notified of their submission status by Mid-August.